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EMERGENCIES can strike at any time day or night.

Redwood Animal Hospital wants you to be prepared as in those situations every minute counts.

If you believe your pet is in need of urgent veterinary care do not wait and call us right away at 510-582-1136 and one of our well trained staff will assist you.

Having worked for several years as an Emergency Veterinarian, Dr. Abrams has the experience needed to help you and your pet.

Here are some of the things to consider when facing an emergency situation:


 1.    Did my pet ingest something that could be toxic?

  • Lots of foods for human consumption are notoriously toxic to pet. This includes but is not limited to chocolate, coffee, onions, raisins, sugar free foods..
  • Medications can be toxic or even life-threatening to pets: Advil, Tylenol, anti-depressant...
  • Chemicals: fertilizer, insecticides, snail bait, rodenticide, and many others are highly toxic  

If you believe your pet ingested something he/she was not supposed to, do not waste time and bring him/her immediately to our hospital. If it is safe and warranted we might induce vomiting and treat him for toxicity.
A great place to find information on toxins/poison is through the ASPCA poison control helpline: (888) 426-4435. If a case is open a $65 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card. Their website is full of free useful information    

2.      Are my pet mucous membranes/gum color pale or white
This might indicate your pet has lost blood or is anemic

3.      Is my pet having difficulty breathing?
If you can see very obvious chest movements when your pet is breathing, hear loud breathing sounds or if you cat is breathing with his/her mouth open, then you need to seek veterinary care immediately.  

Sometimes emergencies can be more subtle but still need to be treated immediately. If your pet has been vomiting several time and/or is not able to keep his/her food down, he/she might be suffering from a foreign body obstruction. Waiting for a few days to see if your pet gets better could be life-threatening as the object could perforate the intestines and lead to sepsis.  

Whenever you are in doubt, it is best to call us at 510-582-1136

At Redwood Animal Hospital, we are equipped to treat a great variety of emergencies:

  • emergency surgeries: GDV/bloat, C-section, splenectomy, foreign body removal...
  • medical emergencies: poisoning, hit by car, allergic reaction, animal attacks...
  • chronic illness and acute crisis: diabetes, renal failure, heart failure...

But if we believe your pet needs referral to a 24hr specialty facility we will facilitate the referral and transfer of your pet.