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Online Pharmacy

Our affiliated online pharmacy offers an array of delivery services, including an 'AutoShip' (free delivery) option for almost all prescription food and medications.


For more information on any of those services, simply click on the title!   

Preventive Care

Redwood Animal Hospital feels strongly that regular physical exams, a vaccine protocol tailored to your pet’s lifestyle, laboratory testing and parasite prevention are essential to a long, happy, comfortable life for your pet.


Dental disease is the most widespread illness in dogs and cats. Here at Redwood Animal Hospital, we do not overlook your pet oral hygiene. During your visit, our veterinarians and technicians will provide you with detailed information on how to help your pet's teeth stay healthy.


From routine spay/neuter to mass removal, intestinal surgery and orthopedic surgery we strive to provide your pet with the safest and most comfortable experience possible.   


Redwood Animal Hospital offers boarding for dogs, cats and occasionally other pets such as rabbits...  


Redwood Animal Hospital is equipped to see emergencies during our regular business hours. However, we recommend to call ahead to make sure one of our doctor is available and can be prepared to help your pet.  


Redwood Animal Hospital works with various specialists or Board Certified Veterinarians that come on a regular basis directly to our hospital to help manage the more intensive cases so that you do not have to drive back and forth to multiple locations.  

Mobile/House Calls  

Once a week, one of our veterinarian and veterinary technician can drive to your own home and provide some veterinary services.Type your paragraph here.