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Professional Dog and Cat Grooming



On October of 2011, Cheri joined the team at Redwood Animal Hospital as our professional groomer for both dogs and cats.

From simple baths to elaborate cuts, your pet will have a safe and comfortable experience, while you will enjoy the beautiful end result.

If you believe your pet is too difficult to be groomed, we can help! One of our veterinarian can examine your pet and determine if a sedative can be a safe option.

Your pet needs to be up to date on his/her vaccinations.

Upon arrival, your pet will be given an oral flea preventive that's fast acting: Capstar (extra charge) to ensure your pet does not bring in nor leave with fleas.




We offer three different packages for pet grooming but each can be customized as needed. All of our packages include nail trimming and ear cleaning.

  1. Basic bath: simple bathing with an ordinary shampoo, followed by blow drying and brushing.

  2. Deluxe bath: bathing with an ordinary shampoo and conditioner followed by blow drying and brushing and trimming of face, feet and sanitary area.

  3. Royal Spa: bathing with a moisturizing shampoo and a deep coat conditioner, followed by blow drying and brushing, 30 minutes of de-shedding, full body hair cut, misting with scented spray,  and squirt of breath freshener.