Our facility provides very comfortable boarding for your pets and piece of mind for you while you are away. We have spacious dog runs, and cat condos and all of our boarders are lovingly cared for by our experienced team.

Upon arrival, your pet will be given an oral flea preventive that’s fast acting: Capstar (extra charge) to ensure no fleas will bother your pets while boarding.

Your pet needs to be up to date on his/her vaccinations prior to being boarded or we will update his vaccines during his/her stay (extra charge).

Make sure to let us know if you would like your pet to be bathed during his/her stay!

We recommend making reservations, especially around the holiday seasons.

All of our boarding rates are per pet and per day (or night) even if they share a run/cage/condo. Boarding fees are due at time of drop off of your pet. If your pet needs to stay additional days/nights, make sure to call us as early as possible so we can make all the necessary arrangements. Please call or email us for our holiday rates.

1. Cat: $33

2. Dog up to 25 lbs: $42

3. Dog 26 lbs to 50lbs: $44

4. Dog 51 lbs to 75 lbs: $48

5. Dog over 75 lbs: $51

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